A trip to Israel should be a rite of passage for every Christian. The land and the people of Israel, rich with ancient history and modern invention, have a story to tell. By coming to Israel, you make Israel’s story part of your own.

After the trip, you will complete a capstone project and join a growing network of Passages alumni.


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A Life-Changing Leadership Program

Passages gives you the opportunity to discover your spiritual heritage and to develop strong convictions. Through post-trip activities, you will learn to lead, encourage, and inspire your own community. Passages alumni are positioned to succeed through a strong support network of faithful, inspiring, and motivated peers and mentors.


Phase 1: The Beginning, An Introduction Course

The first phase of Passages introduces the core goals of the program: strengthened Christian faith, introduction to modern Israel, and leadership development. The course includes modules on the roots of Christianity, the biblical redemptive narrative, Jewish-Christian relations, the history of modern Israel, and trip logistics and preparation.

Phase 2: The Israel Trip

The second phase walks participants through the roots of their Biblical faith and the complex landscape of modern Israel. Participants visit sites including Capernaum, the Mount of Beatitudes, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the Garden of Gethsemane. They hear from a diverse range of local speakers who help them understand Israeli culture, government and economy, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the geopolitical and security issues surrounding Israel, and issues affecting the Jewish community globally.

Phase 3: Passages Capstone

After returning from Israel, participants begin the Passages Capstone. This post-trip course expands upon the educational themes from the trip to Israel and offers participants the opportunity to reflect on their experiences. Participants apply these lessons by completing three short assignments, including two electives. As participants complete the Capstone, they are welcomed into the Passages Leaders Network as alumni and awarded a Certificate in Christian Leadership and Israel Studies.

Phase 4: Passages Leaders Network, An Ongoing Alumni Network

The Passages Leaders Network (PLN) equips the alumni of our program for influence by offering opportunities to lead, learn more, grow in their careers, and build life-long relationships with like-minded people. In PLN, alumni can attend the annual RISE Conference, participate in a mentorship program, find job opportunities, join industry-specific networking groups, and attend community events. Our goal is to facilitate continued faith discovery and friendship with Israel and the Jewish people among our alumni for years to come.

I will never read my Bible in the same way now after visiting these places! You guys NEED to see Israel!

Trip Participant | 2022

Simply in awe of all the ways that the Bible has come to life by walking where Jesus did. 10/10 would recommend a trip to the Holy Land with Passages! 🇮🇱

Trip Participant | 2022

A dream come true to see this place and learn about our God in the Holy Land! Leaving feeling humbled, challenged, in awe, and so grateful.

Trip Participant | 2022

A land full of unforgettable beauty, complexity, rich history, conflict, tradition, and amazing cultures. Leaving Israel in awe and never reading scripture the same.

Trip Participant | 2022

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  • Enrolled as a full-time student
  • In-between the ages of 18-30
  • Practicing Christian
  • Commit to both pre-trip and post-trip requirements (simple pre-trip course and our post-trip Capstone Project)
  • Spouses are only eligible to participate if they also meet the above qualifications




We believe that every Christian college student should experience Israel. We’ve partnered with donors from around the world to help make our trips as accessible as possible. 

Scholarships are available to pay for up to 80% of your trip. Students from partner schools will pay less than $2,990 for a trip valued at over $5,000. Your scholarship amount will be awarded upon application acceptance.


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