NUMBERS   6 : 24 – 26


With recent unrest throughout the Middle East, we’ve seen a shocking uptick in global antisemitism. Now more than ever, it’s vital that we as Christians stand in solidarity with our Jewish neighbors.

Dozens of college students and Passages alumni dedicated to Christian-Jewish allyship joined together to record “The Blessing,” by Kari Jobe and Elevation Worship. This song is based on the priestly blessing from Numbers 6:24-26, a spiritually significant passage for both the Christian and Jewish faiths. The students were soon joined by renowned Israeli artists, along with a number of American celebrities, to produce a moving rendition of “The Blessing” promoting unity and solidarity between Christians and Jews.

Join us in this movement to stand up for the Jewish community in the face of antisemitism by supporting our mission to raise advocacy of Israel and its people through life-changing trips to the Holy Land. 

We believe that education and experience are some of the most important tools in combating antisemitism. So, we’ve developed a program for Christian college students to learn Israel’s history and culture, hear firsthand from its people, and explore the land of the Bible.

Our holistic Israel education and travel programs are designed to promote intercultural relations and peacemaking efforts in the Middle East, and we’ve seen the incredible difference that these trips can make in breaking antisemitic stereotypes and developing advocacy for the Holy Land and its inhabitants.

Donate today to help educate the next generation of Christians become allies for Israel and provide much needed support to our Jewish neighbors.

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  • Why is antisemitism so harmful, and why does it need to be stopped?
    Hatred of any group based on background, religion, or ethnicity dehumanizes its members by reducing them to a set of perceived negative attributes. Antisemitism is a form of dehumanization towards the Jewish people. Opposing antisemitism is by no means an act that should be associated with a political stance; or whether or not someone agrees with a person’s lifestyle, religion, or political views, but about challenging harmful stereotypes and respecting their intrinsic worth as fellow humans.
  • How can I help promote peace in Israel and the surrounding regions?
    —Stay educated on current events in Israel and the Middle East.
    —Double-check claims and statistics presented in a discussion about Israel, taking into account their context and a source’s potential bias.
    —Volunteer or partner with local or national Jewish and/or pro-Israel organizations.
    —Donate to organizations such as Passages who offer Israel education and travel programs focused on intercultural relations and peacemaking efforts in the Middle East.
    —Travel to Israel, and get to know Israeli citizens and their experiences living through the many conflicts and tensions that surround the Middle East.
  • How does sending Christian college students to Israel combat antisemitism?
    Education is one of the most effective tools in fighting antisemitism. Much of the hatred towards the Jewish people is based on falsehoods and stereotypes that have been either intentionally or inadvertently passed along as fact. It’s difficult to decipher what is and isn’t true when most of the commentary on Israel and its people is happening among those who have never been there. The best way to find the truth about Israel is to see it firsthand and hear the perspectives of those who live there. Our students travel to Israel and come back with a newfound understanding of the complex realities in the Middle East and with the confidence to use what they’ve learned to advocate for Israel and for its people.
  • How do I donate to Passages, and how is my donation used?
    Your gift will go towards providing funding to send Christian college students on a life-changing trip to Israel. These trips include extensive preliminary training and education, travel to historical and biblical sites, exposure to Jewish culture and interaction with Jewish communities, and continued post-trip involvement.
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