Why are there so many stories in the Bible?

  • Faith
  • Feb 09, 2022
  • | 5 min read

Why are stories so important? Stories, both fictional and non-fictional, have been used since the beginning of time to impart wisdom and reason upon their listeners. While all written at various times by various authors, bible stories are unique; looking at them together gives us an even greater story that’s still being written by their Creator. We’ll be discussing how biblical authors used stories to share with us the nature of our worldly and eternal realities, and what these stories reveal to us about God, the ultimate storyteller.


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In this episode, we’ll be discussing:

  • The purpose of the narrative structure in bible stories- 2:46
  • How narrative keeps us focused on what’s important- 6:42
  • “Smorgasbords” of bible stories- 11:50
  • Controlling the narrative- 14:04
  • God as the ultimate storyteller- 22:36


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East of Eden, by John Steinbeck

“Mount precipice… where Jesus is—I think it’s luke 4, right?—…he’s almost pushed off the edge” – Luke 4:14-30

“The lost coin, the lost sheep, and then the lost son” –  Luke 15

“Prayer of Jabez”1 Chronicles 4:10

“Luke begins in his prologue by telling you…”Luke 1:1-4

“[John] says, ‘Jesus… did many other things that could fill volumes…” – John 21:24-25


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