by Amanda Cate | California Baptist University
Passages Alumnus

Originally published in a literary magazine for California Baptist University

I walk the city streets in his home.
Today cars drive all through the town.
In the city that God broke his stone
Cold silence of 300 years down.

Learning from Mary
The angel came to this very cave
Steps lead up to the mother’s home.
After 300 years God gave
Mary hints where his plan would roam.
Life would be forever changed,
When messengers’ feet touch on stone.
She did not know where God’s plan ranged,
Only that it should be followed.
I now stand before those old stones.
2000 years after that day
learning from the woman whose tones
sang quite the same way God would play.
For me, no messenger, to say.
What need? Has God no plan today?

There’s nothing special about the water.
There’s nothing new about a great storm.
There’s something about the Lord who called Peter.
It’s about the Lord whose skin was torn.

Walking on the Sea
The clear blue reverberates
With the steps from the one
Whose feet didn’t penetrate
The water’s surface.
He called Peter,
He called me,
To follow and trust,
To be free.
I’ll follow him away from my nets,
Away from the things I’ve known.
I’ll follow into the difference,
To the spot where his love was shown.

There is no water for an angel to stir,
So, the angel stirs the living water in me.
Not healing the sick or hurting,
But letting this blind girl see.