Meet the Summer 2017 Fellows

During the beginning of April, Passages Fellows from across the nation came to Chicago for a weekend of training before our summer season of trips. This year over 70 Fellows will be leading over 1,500 students on a pilgrimage to Israel. Meet a few of our Fellows below and read about why they are excited to be a Passages Fellow.

Jeremy Huang

Jeremy Huang – “Israel and the whole Passages Trip has opened so many conversations in my work life to talk about the Gospel and why I even want to go to Israel. I also want to help other people be equipped to be advocates for Israel.”

Sharna Jeffers

Sharna Jeffers – “As Israel grows and changes, we should also grow and change in how we learn about the land.”

Caleb Boyer and Landon Farmer

Landon Farmer (right)- “I want to learn about the truth about what is going on is Israel so I can tell it to my friends back in [America].”
Caleb Boyer (left)- “I love the political side of everything but I also love the people the culture and the food [of Israel] and I am excited to take that all in once again.”

Joel Lea-Wilson

Joel Lea-Wilson – “Every single Christian young person should have the opportunity to go see the land [of Israel] because it’s so important”

Madeline Moler, Summer Bright and Chelsea Hilbert

Madeline Moler (left) – “I am excited to help other people’s faith come alive”
Summer Bright (middle) – “I am excited to be a Passages fellow to help people grow in their faith”
Chelsea Hilbert (right)-I am passionate about Israel and believe Israel deserves our respect”

Evon Sworesho

Evon Sworesho – “I am excited to be a Passages Fellow because I care about learning about the history and origins of my faith.”

Moriah Ballard

Moriah Ballard – “I am excited to be a fellow on the AAL. I feel like our faith is the foundation of our culture and I think it is important for us to get back to our roots. It’s also important to see the land we talk so much about.”

Grant Hewitt

Grant Hewitt – “When I first got there [Israel], I was told by my guide that I would have a life changing experience. I want others to have that same exact experience that happened to me.”

Cody Jones

Cody Jones – “I am excited to allow others to have a deepening of their faith and allow them to understand the foundations of their faith.”