Grant Beckham | Fellow for Texas A&M


When I received the email from Peter Burns, a Passages graduate and later PLI Alum, introducing me to Scott Phillips and inviting me to go on a Passages journey, I had no imagination of how this invitation would impact my life. At the time, I was a music major, planning to be a freelance composer in the college music world, and thought that this trip would just be an interesting way to see the Bible come to life. Little did I know that six months and two Passages journeys later, my life plans would look markedly different.

Grant with Passages Executive Director, Scott Phillips, in Israel

I am now majoring in Business Marketing. I am enrolled in a conservative political program called the Forge Leadership Institute that partially focuses on the Middle East. And finally, I am looking to get a job as a management/marketing consultant, analyst, or director in the non-profit world. Passages has instilled a passion for Israel and the Middle East, and thus I would be proud, awed, and excited if my career in marketing analysis crosses paths with my love for and interest in the Middle East.

The Fellowship Program offered more than a free return trip to Israel. It offered a leadership role that has shaped my life through connections, conversations, relationships, education, and, for a second time, a deep renewal of my faith. It grew me. It stretched me. It exhausted me. And it moved me. I discovered a love for those I led, and a leadership skill set I didn’t know I had. Through the fellowship program, I could see, hear, and experience firsthand what it means to be part of change in the lives of 40 people, and I was in turn be changed by their change. I heard through their ears and saw through their eyes as they uncovered the modern miracle of Israel. I walked with their shoes and worshiped with their hearts as they saw God reveal himself to them in the Holy Land. I experienced a calling on my life – a desire for a profession that does more than pay bills, but that impacts others’ lives in a profound and meaningful way. Thank you for the dollars and time that all of you give to raise leaders for Christianity and for Israel through the Passages Fellowship Program.

If you are a Passages alumni and are interested in becoming a fellow for a future trip, you can find more info here.