The recording of Ambassador Haley’s Q&A is available on the Passages Leaders Network.

Serving as the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations during the first two years of President Donald Trump’s administration and Governor of South Carolina from 2011-2017, Ambassador Nikki Haley is no stranger to crisis management.

While representing the United States at the UN during global crises such as continual North Korean ballistic missile launches and the Venezuelan refugee crisis, Ambassador Haley became known for defending her positions and country with grit and grace.

“Having the toughness to keep standing, but the grace to bring people with you,” is how the Ambassador describes her famous leadership philosophy.

At a time when many university students, recent graduates, and Americans in general are filled with uncertainty, Ambassador Haley shared a message of hope, as well as advice on leadership, public service, and leaning on faith through crises.

The Q&A session was hosted Monday, May 4, over Zoom. We at Passages are committed to investing in the next generation of Christian leaders, and Ambassador Haley offered words of wisdom that inspired the many college students in attendance.

“Remember that there is going to be life on the other side of this,” stated the Ambassador regarding the current global COVID-19 crisis. Moreover, Ambassador Haley shared hope that the United States will come out of this crisis smarter and stronger than we ever were before.

Ambassador Haley became known as a staunch and influential defender of Israel during her tenure at the UN. She was a vocal proponent for reform at the United Nations, namely reform of the UN Human Rights Council and what she describes as the UNHRC’s blatant bullying of our ally Israel.

“When you see the people of Israel, when you see that energy, it stays with you,” said Ambassador Haley regarding her first ever trip to Israel, which she went on while serving as the U.S. Ambassador to the UN.

Regarding the conflict in the Middle East, Ambassador Haley is hopeful. She says the fact that many Arab leaders were open to discussing President Trump’s Middle East Peace Plan, which was released earlier this year, is a step in the right direction.

“This is about both sides investing in a better life for their people,” stated Ambassador Haley about the plan.

As a woman of faith, Ambassador Haley described the role her relationship with the Lord has played in her life, decision-making process, and leadership philosophy. “God has a way of slowing us down and showing us what really matters,” stated Ambassador Haley. She believes this is one of the most important lessons that many people will take out of our current global crisis.

Ambassador Haley’s ultimate advice to university students, recent graduates, and young leaders is to “stand up for yourself, pick and choose your battles, and if you decide you’re going to fight for something- fight for it and know your end goal.”

Ambassador Haley resigned from her position as U.S. Representative to the United Nations in late 2018 and has since founded a policy organization called “Stand for America” and written a book titled With All Due Respect: Defending America with Grit and Grace, which is a New York Times Bestseller.