All opinions expressed are those of the writer.

On November 24th, 2020, I vividly remember leaving work and rushing to make it to an important Zoom call with a colleague. I was rushing and getting stressed, because I did not want to be late for this meeting. I needed to find a public spot with a secure internet connection to gain access to Zoom, so I rushed into a nearby Arby’s to set up my laptop. At that moment, a homeless man sitting right across from me asked if I could help him out with food and transportation. It stopped me right in my busy tracks and prompted me to set my focus on making sure this man was cared for. We were complete strangers to each other, yet upon spotting me, he did not hesitate to ask me if I could assist him with a meal and a ride and felt comfortable enough to share with me the story of his life before homelessness and the circumstances that led up to it. As I learned about this man while I bought him food and gave him a ride, I couldn’t help but consider how God worked through my seemingly insignificant decision of stopping at an Arby’s to provide for someone in need.

God is ever active in both the exciting and mundane times of life. It’s interesting how the epic accounts of what we read throughout Scripture always succeed in capturing our fascination, painting concrete images of God’s incredible power; Moses splitting the Red Sea, David slaying Goliath, God destroying Sodom & Gomorrah with fire from heaven, and Jesus walking on water in a storm are just a few examples of God’s mighty works in scripture that fill us with awe. But what we’re often quick to forget is the long, uneventful periods of time that preceded these events. Before David killed Goliath, he sat in the fields every day, watching his father’s sheep. Before the Israelites escaped the tyrannical rule of Pharaoh after crossing the Red Sea, they had endured hundreds of years of slavery. It’s easy to undervalue the normalcy of daily life and get caught up in the hype of wanting God to do something big in our lives, like He did for the characters in scripture. But, the truth is that the many normal days we live are critical, because God is not only very active in our everyday lives, but He is shaping our character and preparing us for grander moments in the future, unforeseen to us but already known by Him.

The small and largely unnoticed details of our daily lives matter to God. This prompted me to consider how the little things that make up my daily routine, both tangible and intangible, are more critical than meets the eye. We are walking miracles, made as an incredible bodily complex design in the spheres of biology, psychology, physiology and spirituality. God is the ultimate Maker behind our complex designs; thus, He cares a lot about our bodies, minds and general livelihoods. He knows each of us so personally, down to how our DNA information composes us as individuals. From the moment we wake up in the morning to preparing to sleep at night, every detail in between is important to God, because we are His workmanship and reflect His image. 

It’s interesting just how future-driven our society can be, always pushing us to chase unattainable dreams, convincing us of wanting bigger, more exciting things than what we have, and breeding dissatisfaction in our everyday routines. How many of us have taken a moment to stop, not only to be appreciative of the mundane moments of life, but also to consider how God could be preparing us for something bigger? This is why we ought to enjoy and appreciate the blessings that God gives us in our current season; the blessings that we now have were completely new to us at one point, and we tend to easily forget about them among the complacency of life. We need to be reminded that while God is clearly big and mighty in all things, He is also a God that deeply cares about the little details of our lives.