In early January, we had the privilege to introduce several leaders of national organizations to our program. After being introduced to what Passages does for all of our participants on our Israel trips, they wanted to share their thoughts with you. Their experience with Passages is not one they will soon forget.



“I greatly enjoyed my seven-day trip to Israel with Passages, which exposed me to the impact that the organization is having on Christian young people in the U.S. Three things, in particular, impressed me about Passages. First, the level of logistical detail and coordination is truly impressive.  Every aspect of the trip is carefully planned and executed, from the quality of tour guides, attention to student safety, and seamlessness of travel arrangements. Second, while I expected the program to lean heavily toward Israeli perspectives on the situation in the Middle East, I was pleased to see that students were exposed to speakers from multiple perspectives—Israeli, Palestinian, Arab, Christian, and Muslim—and encouraged to think critically about their experience. Finally, as a Christian program, Passages takes active steps to foster students’ faith development and to encourage Christian community both during the trip and through follow-up activities. College students from across the Christian spectrum would benefit from the program.”

Dr. Rick Ostrander
Vice President for Research and Scholarship
Council for Christian Colleges & Universities
Washington, D.C.


“Being able to visit Israel was an experience I will never forget. And yet what really made my experience truly memorable was the leadership and expertise that Passages brought to the entire trip. Passages cares about the smallest details in order to make the trip experience virtually effortless from start to finish. They also made the experience come alive through the expert guide they placed with us during our tour. As we consider and plan to have healthcare students go with Passages in the future, I can completely trust that Passages will give our students an experience that will enrich and deepen their faith as well as give them a fuller appreciation of Israel and the people who live in this land.”

Bill Reichart
Vice President for Campus & Community Ministries
Christian Medical & Dental Associations


“Passages offers a once in a lifetime experience for college students to gain a deeper understanding of the Bible by walking the very places where much of its content takes place. Additionally, participants experience modern-day Israel and learn about the variety of challenges and opportunities that face its people today. The Passages staff welcomes participants into a family experience of encountering the Holy Land and takes GREAT care of students all along the way. This program makes the experience affordable for college students and provides opportunities for both leadership and faith development throughout the trip.”

Bill Noe
National Collegiate Ministry Specialist
Lifeway Christian Resources


“Passages provides a unique and meaningful experience for university students to encounter Israel, the homeland of Christianity! The Passages adventure is delivered through a biblical lens and is adroitly planned and led. The entire trip is implemented with excellence and designed to be an educational and cultural experience built around a forming community of student participants. Not only do students experience the ancient sites, the sounds and smells of Israel, they are also gifted with excellent lectures from a diverse pool of national experts living and working in Israel. Passages provides a superior learning opportunity I hope every Chi Alpha student takes advantage of.”

Scott Martin
National Director of Chi Alpha Campus Ministries