Meet The 2021 Leadership Incubator Winner

2021 Leadership Incubator participants.


The Passages Leadership Incubator is a unique opportunity for Passages alumni to develop their leadership skills through a 10-week program focused on professional growth and project development. After completing the program, participants meet in Dallas, TX to present their business plans in a competition to win funding for their ideas. Passages awards $25,000 in grant money to the program participants, with the first place winner receiving $10,000 to jumpstart their proposal!

The winner of the 2021 Leadership Incubator is Passages alum David Peters! David is from Franklin, TN, and recently graduated from Lee University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in International Business. We spoke with David to learn more about his time at the Leadership Incubator, his exciting business proposal, and his future goals.


Answers have been edited for length and clarity.


How was your experience at the Leadership Incubator?

“I came into the Leadership Incubator with the expectations of bringing further clarity in what I wanted to do in life. My goal was to try and connect my career, calling, and Israel all at the same time… but it wasn’t until halfway through the Incubator that I got bombshelled with an idea to open a Cafe in Jerusalem! It was a huge dream and large ambition, but I instantly knew who to connect with and felt called to pursue it. I felt nothing but love and support from everyone to pursue what God was calling me into.”


What do you plan to do with the $10,000 grant?

“I am developing a coffee brand called Corrie’s Coffee to sell coffee products through online platforms with the mission to further the legacy of our spiritual grandmother, Corrie ten Boom, by sharing her story and engaging in modern Judeo-Christian movements! We’ve already taken care of the legal requirements to build the business and discussed with various brand developers and coffee suppliers. Our long term goal is to create a successful coffee brand with several coffee shops in both the United States and the Middle East. We want to see coffee as a pathway to conversations and missions in today’s world!”


What was your inspiration for your project?

“Corrie ten Boom was someone who had impacted my life at a young age. She was a woman who laid down her life for the Jewish people during the Holocaust and was able forgive the Nazi officers who ruled over her in the concentration camps. Her life resembled a life that truly looked like Jesus. When creating the coffee brand, we thought that there was no better person to center the brand around than her.”


David Peters (center) with Passages Deputy Director Jeremy Rivers (left) and Executive Director Scott Phillips (right).


Congratulations to David Peters and Corrie’s Coffee for winning first place in the 2021 Leadership Incubator, and to all our Incubator participants working to make their professional dreams a reality!

“Winning the seed money was a great start and affirming for sure,” David explained when asked about the highlights of his experience, “But the support, love, and care of Passages is what was most valuable throughout my time in the Incubator!”


Are you interested in participating in the Passages Leadership Incubator? Learn how to apply here for an incredible opportunity to grow in your leadership skills and grow closer to the Passages community!