This 10-week flagship program will allow you to level up your leadership. We’re offering up to $10,000 in grants to fund the winning initiative proposals!

Application Deadline: Applications for the 2022 cohort will open Fall 2021  |  Program Dates: TBA

What is the Leadership Incubator?

The Leadership Incubator is a premium leadership development opportunity for driven Passages alumni. The Incubator will focus on conveying lasting leadership principles in coordination with Passages staff and leadership coaches. Topics covered include: self-awareness, leadership and professional growth, and project development. The Leadership Incubator will serve to equip and empower Passages leaders to put into practice what they’ve learned from their trip to Israel, previous leadership experience, and especially from the training and opportunities offered here.

What’s included in the program?

The program consists of two parts: education and execution. The education phase (Pre-Course – Module 4) will include in-depth training on self-awareness, leadership and professional growth, and project development. Training will include online coursework, coaching sessions, optional resume review and mock interviews, and more. The program culminates in the execution phase with the Leadership Project Proposal. Upon completion of the proposal, select participants will have the chance to fly to Dallas on an all-expense paid trip to compete together (Shark Tank style!) for up to $10,000 in grants from Passages that will allow them to set their initiative in motion.

Present your idea in Dallas and receive up to $10,000 in grants!

The Leadership Incubator culminates in the Leadership Project Proposal. Participants will use the leadership principles they’ve acquired to create a proposal for a comprehensive idea, initiative, event(s), or creative outlet(s) that they plan to set in motion when the incubator ends. These projects will align with Passages mission and can include elements of the following: Israel, Christian faith, the Jewish community, and positive Middle East engagement. Select teams will travel to Dallas to present their proposal to Leadership Incubator judges (Shark Tank style!).

Winning proposals will be awarded up to $10,000 apiece, with a total of $25,000 available.

Want to apply?

Applicants must be Passages alumni (having completed the Pre-Trip Course, the trip to Israel, and the Passages Capstone/Passages NOW). Applicants also must be registered as a Passages Leaders Network (PLN) member. If you are not a member of PLN, you can apply HERE.


Application Deadline: Applications will open Fall 2021  |  Program Dates:  TBD