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Young adults and college students are looking to college ministers to guide them deeper into their faith

“Pilgrimages” to Israel are often reserved for older saints and are viewed as pillar moments in the life of a Christian. However, it is the next generation that will impact the world for the gospel. The next generation that needs a foundation of faith. The next generation that needs this monumental moment to bring flesh to the dry bones of their faith.

Young adults and college students are asking tough questions about their faith and many, for the first time, are deciding whether or not they believe God’s Word is true. They are being introduced to new ideas, they want to know what they believe and why they believe. This is about more than an experience or community or travel. It’s about meeting young people where they are and helping them anchor their faith in reality. 

A pilgrimage to Israel is a life-changing, faith-defining experience to gift a young adult or college student when they are at this crossroads in their lives. It provides them with an opportunity to step out of what they know and experience the reality of scripture and their Christian faith. They touch real stone, feel real wind, see real streets, talk to real people and explore real places that help make their faith tangible. This isn’t a flannel graph; it’s reality.

A Pilgrimage for Christians

  • A pilgrimage can be a life-changing, transformational experience in the life of a young Christian. 
  • Pilgrims don’t merely visit a place as tourists, they come away inspired and changed by it. 
  • Students can connect real places to the ones they’ve always heard about in the Bible and gives them new eyes to understand Scripture. 
  • A pilgrimage helps students see how the history of a place has a dramatic impact on culture and the world today.

We Are Passages

We provide a unique and comprehensive opportunity for young adults and college students to anchor their faith in reality, broaden their perspectives, challenge their comfort zones, and raise up the next generation of Christian leaders.

For pastors and church leaders, we enable an unparalleled opportunity for discipleship and education for Christ-centered leadership.

Phase I: Introduction

The first phase of Passages introduces the core goals of the program: The course includes modules on the roots of Christianity, the biblical redemptive narrative, Jewish-Christian relations, and the history of modern Israel.

Phase II: Pilgrimage to Israel

Our itinerary is designed to accomplish the goals of Passages: to point trip participants to the roots of their Biblical faith. Capernaum, the Mount of Beatitudes, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and the Garden of Gethsemane.

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Phase III: Passages Capstone

After returning from Israel, participants begin the Passages Capstone by enrolling in the Leaders Course. Leaders Course expands upon the educational themes from the trip to Israel, and includes case studies of biblical and modern leaders. As participants complete those projects, they are welcomed into the Passages Leaders Network as alumni.

Phase IV: Passages Leaders Network

The Passages Leaders Network (PLN) offers further engagement by providing additional educational content related to faith and Israel, facilitating a mentorship program, and promoting job listings, industry-specific networking groups, and community events.

Bring Your Own Students to Israel.

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