Travel to Israel with us in an experience like never before.

The mission of the Passages Alumni Advance program is to empower key alumni to discover the intersections between their faith, career, leadership and Israel through an immersive spiritual and educational journey in Israel and visits to the Palestinian territories that further expose participants to the diversity of Israeli culture and entrepreneurship, the nuances of the Israeli-Arab conflict, and the Hebraic roots of their Christian faith.

After returning from the trip, participants will join an elite cohort of Christian leaders with similar values and see their most impactful ideas come to life through a Leadership Incubator. A part of the six-month post-trip program, Passages will offer personal and professional coaching, ongoing education, and a chance to compete for project funding. Participants will develop projects focusing on social entrepreneurship and awareness of issues related to interfaith relations and the diverse nation of Israel. Furthermore, Passages will offer connections to partner organizations and early access to specialized job boards to support the career trajectory of participants in the cohort.

This entire opportunity is available to participants for a registration cost of $1,000. The actual cost of this opportunity is approximately $8,000. The subsidized registration cost is made possible through Passages’ generous donors. It includes the cost of international airfare, transportation in Israel, program costs, entry fees, hotels, meals in Israel, as well as limited health insurance. This also covers the cost of the 6-month post-trip program, Leadership Incubator. Participants will be required to cover their own domestic airfare to/from the designated airport – either Chicago or Newark. 


*Passages will be implementing several health and safety policies and procedures for winter travel, including…

    • 20 students to a bus – halving standard capacity to maintain physical distancing.
    • A mask/face covering required in all public spaces.
    • Strict social distancing from locals and other tour groups.
    • Requirement to disinfect/wash hands frequently.
    • Multiple temperature checks throughout the day
    • Thorough cleaning & disinfecting of the bus each day.
    • Confirmed negative test two days prior to arrival
    • Testing of the group upon arrival to Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv
    • Participation in required COVID-19 testing, contact tracing and health monitoring/reporting through daily screenings.
    • Isolation at the hotel when displaying symptoms.
    • Download of contact-tracing app

You’ll experience the redemptive narrative of history in the land it happened.

Part I: Judean Desert

The story begins in the Judean desert. God told a man named Abraham to leave his home and sojourn in a foreign land, the land of Canaan, which would later become the land of Israel. And he does. Later, heroes of the faith like David would be tested, and Jesus would prepare for his earthly ministry. Here we reflect on our trust in God’s faithfulness and sovereignty.

Part II: A Nation & A Savior

After the people of Israel come to their promised land, they’re ruled by Judges, then by kings. The prophets spoke of a Son of David who would one day be the Prince of Peace.  

Part III: The Life of Jesus

 When Jesus grows up, he introduces the people to a new way of life, the way of a kingdom not built with human hands nor ruled with human strength. This introduction comes in the small and ordinary—in the beautiful region of northern Israel called the Galilee. 

Part IV: Jaffa & the Future of Christianity

At these two port cities, Caesarea and Jaffa, the message of Jesus is, in a sense, “shipped” out to the rest of the world as a part of the fulfillment of the promise God gave Abraham at the beginning: that through him and his lineage, all the peoples of the world would be blessed.

You will delve into the diversity of Israeli culture and entrepreneurship and the nuances of the Israeli-Arab conflict.

  • Learn from renowned Jewish Scholars at the Shalom Hartman Institute.
  • Visit Roots, a nonprofit bringing healing in Jerusalem.
  • Immerse yourself in different cultures by visiting a Druze village, the Ethiopian Israeli community, and others.
  • Spend a day touring the West Bank with a local Palestinian guide.
  • Hike through some of the world’s most unique and beautiful landscapes.