A trip to Israel should be a rite of passage for every Christian. There is no substitute for walking the land where Jesus walked and traversing the paths of the patriarchs, kings, prophets and the first disciples. The origins of both ancient Biblical faith and of a present-day nation—rich with culture, diversity, beauty, and challenges—are in Israel. The land and the people of Israel have a story to tell. By coming to Israel, you make Israel’s story part of your own.

About Our Program

Trip participants encounter both the ancient roots of their biblical faith and a modern and thriving Israel firsthand. They do so by visiting foundational biblical sites and hearing authentic first-person perspectives from Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Israelis, and Christian and Muslim Palestinians.

Upon their return, participants have opportunities to remain engaged – to continue leadership training, to join an active alumni network, and to become informed voices for their Christian faith, for Israel, and for all who live in the region.

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I will never forget this trip. I can truly say that I am a changed individual after going to Passages.

Trip Participant | 2019-20

This trip has had an immeasurable impact on me and given me a desire as a Christian leader to learn more about Israel and the Jewish people.

Trip Participant | 2019-20

This trip exceeded my expectations in every aspect. I gained a new perspective of the world and learned the importance of educating yourself.

Trip Participant | 2019-20

Physically being at the places mentioned in the Bible forever engrained them in my mind.

Trip Participant | 2019-20